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Afrovenator abakensis

Afrovenator is known from a single nearly complete skeleton including a partial skull from the Middle Jurassic of Niger. The Tiouraren Formation in which Afrovenator was found was originally thought to be Early Cretaceous but new studies indicate it is Middle Jurassic.

Afrovenator abakensis
Sereno, Wilson, Larsson, Dutheil and Sues, 1994
Meaning of generic name
African Hunter
Meaning of specific name
“The specific name refers to Abaka, the Tuareg name for the region of Niger where the fossil was found.” Tuareg for Agadez, then?
Skull length: 90 cm, Length: 9 m
Holotype (UC UBA 1): Nearly complete skeleton.
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Tiourarén Formation. Middle Jurassic (Bathonian-Oxfordian)

[Formerly classified as Early Cretaceous!]

Type locality: Department of Agadez, Niger
Dinosauria Saurischia Theropoda Spinosauroidea Megalosauridae
Further Reading
P. C. Sereno, J. A. Wilson, H. C. E. Larsson, D. B. Dutheil, and H.-D. Sues. 1994. Early Cretaceous dinosaurs from the Sahara. Science 266(5183):267-271.
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September 26, 2008, by Nobu Tamura

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