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Nigersaurus taqueti

Nigersaurus is the most common vertebrate fossil from the Nigerian Elrhaz Formation. It had hundreds of very small sharp teeth and its skull was oriented downward indicating it was a low level browser.

Nigersaurus taqueti
Sereno, Beck, Dutheil, Larsson, Lyon, Moussa, Sadleir, Sidor, Varricchio, Wilson G. P. & Wilson, J. A. 1999
Meaning of generic name
Niger, for the Republique du Niger; sauros, lizard (Greek).
Meaning of specific name
In honour of French paleontologist Philippe Taquet.
Length: 9 m, Skull length:
Holotype (MNN GAD512): Partial articulated skeleton that includes a partial skull, neck, scapula, forelimbs, and hind limbs

Referred materials: Several partial skeletons and isolated bones.
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Elrhaz Formation, Tegama Group. Lower Cretaceous (Aptian-Albian). Locality: Gadoufaoua region, Niger.

Dinosauria Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Sauropoda Diplodocoidea Rebbachisauridae
Further Reading
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Rebbachisaurus tamesnensis Lapparent, 1960

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