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Kaprosuchus saharicus

Kaprosuchus is known from only a single almost complete skull discovered in Niger. This crocodyliform was nicknamed "boar croc" after its unusual caniniform teeth which resemble those of a boar. It has been estimated that Kaprosuchus may have reached lengths of 6 metres. It is thought that this crocodyliform would have been strictly a terrestrial (living on land) animal and certainly a feared predator!

Kaprosuchus saharicus

Sereno & Larsson , 2009

Meaning of generic name
Kapros, boar (Greek); souchos, crocodile (Greek).

Meaning of specific name
Sahara, Sahara Desert; -icus, belonging to (Greek).

Body length: 6 m , Skull length: 50 cm

Holotype (MNN IGU12): nearly complete skull.

[Body length calculated, skull length actually measured, most of it at least: photo does not look like back of skull is there, but that might be because I know too little of croc skulls in general.]

Age and Distribution
Horizon: Echkar Formation, Tegama Series; Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian).

Locality: Iguidi, Agadez District, Niger.

Crocodylomorpha Neosuchia Mahajangasuchidae.

Further Reading
P. C. Sereno and H. C. E. Larsson. 2009. Cretaceous crocodyliformes from the Sahara. ZooKeys 28:1-143.

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