Saturday, 14 December 2013

Asylosaurus yalensis

Asylosaurus yalensis
Galton, 2007
Meaning of generic name
"Unharmed or Sanctuary Lizard"
Meaning of specific name
Refers to Yale University where O. C. Marsh took the specimen so it was unharmed in air raids on BCM in November, 1940.
Body Length: ?
Holotype YPM 2195: A partial skeleton including ribs, gastralia, shoulder girdle, dorsal vertebrae and limb material
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Triassic Period (Rhaetian)

Locality: Durdham Down, Clifton, Bristol, U.K.
Dinosauria Saurischia Sauropodomorpha
Further Reading
Galton, Peter (2007). "Notes on the remains of archosaurian reptiles, mostly basal sauropodomorph dinosaurs, from the 1834 fissure fill (Rhaetian, Upper Triassic) at Clifton in Bristol, southwest England". Revue de Paléobiologie 26 (2): 505–591.
[If the specimen was already there in 1940, what was it known as back then? Was it subsumed under some other already named species back then, the fossil from Durdham Down in Yale?]

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