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Saturnalia tupiniquim

This early and small dinosaur is considered to be a basalmost sauropodomorph. It is known from three partial skeletons from the Upper Triassic Santa Maria Formation of Brazil. A study by Brea et al. (2005) however shows close ressemblance with the basal theropod Guaibasaurus and regroup both genus in the family Guaibasauridae.

Saturnalia tupiniquim
Langer, Abdala, Richter & Benton, 1999
Meaning of generic name
Saturnalia, Latin equivalent to carnival, in reference to the feasting period when the paratypes were found.
Meaning of specific name
tupiniquim, Portuguese word of indigenous Guarani origin, an endearing way of referring to native things from Brazil.
Length: 1.5 m, Skull length: [not give]
Holotype (MCP 3844-PV): well-preserved semi-articulated skeleton.

Referred specimens: MCP 3845-PV (partial skeleton), MCP 3846-PV (partial skeleton)
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Santa Maria Formation (=Caturrita Formation), Rhynchosaur zone, Upper Triassic (Late Carnian).

Locality: Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Dinosauria Saurischia Sauropodomorpha?
Further Reading
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