Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tapuiasaurus macedoi

Tapuiasaurus is the 17th Brazilian dinosaur described and the 9th titanosaur. The specimen bears a wonderfully preserved skull. Like most titanosaurs Tapuiasaurus possessed a large array of osteoderms along its back.

Tapuiasaurus macedoi
Zaher & Carvalho, 2010
Meaning of generic name
Named after the tribe 'Tapuia' in the territory near where the specimen was found
Body length: 13 m
Holotype: partial skeleton with a near complete skull
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Lower Cretaceous (Aptian)

Locality: Minas Gerais, Eastern Brazil
Dinosauria Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Titanosauria
Further Reading
Zaher & Carvalho, 2010 PLoS (In press)
Image by Nobu Tamura (click to enlarge)
Tapuiasaurus macedoi:

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