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Websites, Societies and Clubs

Websites for identification and fossil hunting localities

Some Palaeontological Websites...

There are thousands of websites dealing with rocks and fossils, and it can be very difficult for anyone new to the subject to know which ones are factually correct and which ones are misleading. The phrase ‘don’t believe everything you read on the web’ is very true!

Listed below are some very good websites for children and adults alike who are wanting to get involved in palaeontology. Some of the websites are based all around good fossil hunting sites etc... Children’s club for rocks and fossils Natural History Museum’s portal for fossils Great Museum for fossil collections and reference Oxford Universities fossil portal (great for adults and children) Cambridge based museum (great for adults and children) All about East Yorkshire coast geology and fossils the British Geological Survey. Information, advice and research facilities a great general site about dinosaurs website of the Palaeontological Research Institution portal for everything you need to know about fossils portal for everything you need to know about fossils

Societies and Clubs

[T]here are many societies and clubs in the world dedicated to palaeontology and all that surrounds the prehistoric world, here are some well known sites you can join...

And Creationism?

[Added by Hans-Georg Lundahl, probably including some of the reasons the palaeocritti team before recommending links above wrote: "The phrase ‘don’t believe everything you read on the web’ is very true!"]

Daylight Origins Society
Catholic creation & origins science

The Kolbe Center
for the study of Creation

Magisterial Fundies

Creation Ministries International

Institute for Creation Research

Tas Walker's Biblical Geology


Creation vs. Evolution
[My own]

Which has taken a palaeontological turn with messages like:

Three Meanings of Chronological Labels

and the series starting with

How do Fossils Superpose?

I do not know which of the Creationist sites which will be most relevant for a Christian Creationist specifically interested in Palaeontology. I intend to make my own blog a runner up. And that is why I came across the site ...


... in the first place. Which to my dismay will be closing in 2016, which is the reason I was given permission to make a back-up blog by Nobu Tamura.

Merry Christmas to the original team, especially Nobu Tamura,

Hans-Georg Lundahl

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