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Austriadactylus cristatus

Austriadactylus lived during the Late Triassic Period (Norian); the only known specimen was found in an abandoned mine in Austria. It was a relatively small pterosaur with a wingspan of 1 m (3.3 ft) and a skull length of 10 cm, the skull of which possessed an unusual bony crest that widened towards the snout.

Austriadactylus cristatus
Dalla Vecchia, Wild, Hopf & Reitner, 2002
Meaning of generic name
Austria finger

[or "Austria pterodactyl" = "Austria wingfinger", the -ptero- being understood but suppressed for brevity]
Meaning of specific name
crested, see text above
Wingspan: 1 m, Length: 25 cm (without tail), Skull length: 10 cm
Nearly complete skeleton

[Holotype (SMNS 56342)]
Age and Distribution
Abandoned mine near Ankerschlag, Tyrol, NW Austria; Seefelder Schichten, late Alaunian (middle Norian).
Pterosauria Campylognathoididae
Further Reading
F. M. Dalla Vecchia, R. Wild, H. Hopf and J. Reitner. 2002. A crested rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur from the Late Triassic of Austria. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 22(1):196-199.
Image by Nobu Tamura (click to enlarge)
Austriadactylus cristatus:

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