Saturday, 28 December 2013

General Books on Palaeontology & Fossil identification books

Palaeontological Books

So you have decided you would like to learn more about the exciting world of Palaeontology?

Well these books listed here will give you a good insight into palaeontology as a whole and explain some of the key attributes of the subject. All of the books are full of insightful informative work and brilliant photographs and artwork...

For beginners:

  • 1, Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life, by David Lambert, Darren Naish and Elizabeth Wyse
  • 2, Fossil Detectives, Discovering Prehistoric Britain, by Hermione Cockburn and Douglas Palmer
  • 3, The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life, by Tim Haines
  • 4, Complete Encyclopedia of Fossils, by Martin Ivanov

For the initiated:

  • 1, Fossil Plants, by Paul Kenrick and Paul Davis
  • 2, Fossil Invertebrates, by Paul D Taylor and David N Lewis
  • 3, Fossils: the Key to the Past, by Richard Fortey
  • 4, Atlas of the Prehistoric World, by Douglas Palmer

+ (Of course) many, many more

Fossil identification books

So you have found a fossil and you would like to identify it?

Listed below are only a few books on identification of fossils but believe me their are thousands out there! The reason i have chosen these books is to help you get a good understanding of some of the fossils and how to correctly identify them, plus many of these books have wonderful illustrations and images.

For the beginner:

  • 1, Fossils (DK Handbook), by David Ward
  • 2, Fossils (Collins GEM), by Douglas Palmer
  • 3, Fossils A Photographic Field Guide, by Chris and Helen Pellant
  • 4, Fossils of the Whitby Coast: A Photographic Guide, by Dean R. Lomax

For the initiated:

  • 1, British Palaeozoic Fossils, British Museum (Natural History)
  • 2, British Mesozoic Fossils, British Museum (Natural History)
  • 3, British Cenozoic Fossils, British Museum (Natural History)

+ (Of course many, many more)

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