Monday, 2 December 2013

Cryolophosaurus ellioti

Cryolophosaurus ellioti
Hammer & Hickerson, 1994
Meaning of generic name
"Cold Crest Lizard"
Meaning of specific name
[of Elliot]
Body Length: 21 ft (6.5 m)
FMNH PR1821: Partial skull and postcranial elements
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Hanson Formation (formerly Falla Formation), Lower Jurassic (Sinemurian - Pliensbachian)

Locality: Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
Dinosauria Saurischia Theropoda Dilophosauridae
Further Reading
Hammer, W. R.; Hickerson, W. J. (1994). "A crested theropod dinosaur from Antarctica". Science 264 (5160): 828–830.

Smith, N. D.; Makovicky, P. J.; Pol, D.; Hammer, W. R.; Currie, P. J. (2007). "The dinosaurs of the Early Jurassic Hanson Formation of the Central Transantarctic Mountains: Phylogenetic review and synthesis". In Cooper, A. K.; Raymond, C. R.; et al.. Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World––Online Proceedings of the 10th ISAES. USGS Open-File Report 2007-1047, Short Research Paper 003.
Image by Nobu Tamura (click to enlarge)
Cryolophosaurus ellioti:
"Informally named 'Elvisaurus' because of its crest resembling Elvis Presley's haircut, it is the first theropod found on the continent of Antarctica."

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