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Abrictosaurus consors

When originally described as a species of Lycorhinus, the holotype fossil was thought to belong to a female because of the lack of tusk (thus the species name 'consors'). Richard Thulborn also thought that the animal had aestivation cycles. Hopson who did not believe in this theory renamed the genus Abrictosaurus (wakeful lizard).

Abrictosaurus consors
(Thulborn, 1974)
Meaning of generic name
"Wakeful lizard".
Meaning of specific name
Body length: 1.2 m, Skull length: ?
Holotype (UCL B54): partial skull and skeleton

Referred specimens: UCL A100 (fragmentary skull from S. Africa, holotype of Lycorhinus angustidens)
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Upper Elliot Formation. Early Jurassic (Hettangian-Sinemurian)

Locality: Noosi, Qacha's Nek District , Lesotho. Also, Cape province, South Africa.
Dinosauria Ornithischia Heterodontosauridae
Further Reading
R. A. Thulborn. 1974. A new heterodontosaurid dinosaur (Reptilia: Ornithischia) from the Upper Triassic red beds of Lesotho. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 55:151-175.

J. A. Hopson. 1975. On the generic separation of the ornithischian dinosaurs Lycorhinus and Heterodontosaurus from the Stormberg Series (Upper Triassic) of South Africa. South African Journal of Science 71:302-305.
Lycorhinus consors Thulborn, 1974; Lycorhinus angustidens Thulborn, 1970

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