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Lesothosaurus diagnosticus

Lesothosaurus was a small basal ornithischian dinosaur that lived during the Early Jurassic of Lesotho and South Africa. It has been suggested to be either a primitive thyreophorean or a basal member of the Neoornithischia (Ceratopsians, Ornithopods and Pachycephalosaurs). A recent ontogenic study by Knoll et al. (2010) indicates that Stormbergia might be the adult form of Lesothosaurus, which would then have reached a length of 2 meters.

Lesothosaurus diagnosticus
Galton, 1978
Meaning of generic name
"Lesotho lizard".
Body length: 1 m, Skull length: ?
Holotype (BMNH RU (UCL) B17): skull

Referred specimens: BMNH RU B 23 (juvenile skull), BMNH R 11956, BMNH R11004, BMNH R8501, SAM-PK-K400 , SAM-PK-K401, SAM-PK-1106, SAM-PK-K1105 (holotype of Stormbergia dangershoeki); BMNH R11000 (Stormbergia dangershoeki), BP/1/4885 (Stormbergia dangershoeki)
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Upper Elliot Formation. Early Jurassic (Hettangian-Sinemurian)

Locality: north flank, Likhoele Mountain, Mafetang district, Lesotho.
Dinosauria Ornithischia Lesothosauridae
Further Reading
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Stormbergia dangershoeki Butler, 2005

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