Saturday, 23 November 2013

Pachydectes elsi

This primitive therapsid from the Middle Permian of South Africa largest and one of the earliest Burnetiamorph (with Bullacephalus).

Pachydectes elsi
Rubidge, Sidor and Modesto, 2006
Meaning of generic name
Thick biter
Skull length: 35 mm, Length: ? 2 m
Holotype (BP/1/5735): transversely compressed partial skull without lower jaws.
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Koonap Formation (Beaufort Group), Middle of Tapinocephalus assemblage zone, Middle Permian (Wordian or Capitanian).

Type locality: Mrester farm, Jansenville District, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.
Synapsida Therapsida Biarmosuchia Burnetiamorpha Burnetiidae
Further Reading
B. S. Rubidge, C. A. Sidor, and S. P. Modesto. 2006. A new burnetiamorph (Therapsida: Biarmosuchia) from the Middle Permian of South Africa. Journal of Paleontology 80(4):740-749 .

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