Saturday, 23 November 2013

Struthiocephalus whaitsi

A rather common tapinocephalid from the Middle Permian of South Africa, this large long snouted soft plant eater is known from a number of specimens of both sex from juvenile to adults.

Struthiocephalus whaitsi
Haughton, 1915
Meaning of generic name
Ostrich head
Skull length: 50 cm ,Length: 3 m
Several skulls and postcranial elements
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Lower to Middle Tapinocephalus assemblage zone, Lower Beaufort beds, Middle Permian (Capitanian).

Type locality: Beaufort West, Karoo basin, South Africa.
Synapsida Therapsida Dinocephalia Tapinocephalia Tapinocephalidae
Further Reading
E. C. Olson and R. Broom. 1937. New genera and species of tetrapods from the Karroo Beds of South Africa. Journal of Paleontology 11(7):613-619 .
Moschosaurus whaitsi Haughton, 1915; Moschosaurus longiceps Haughton, 1915; Struthiocephalus rheederi Broom, 1937; Struthiocephalus milleri Olson & Broom, 1937; Struthiocephalus akraalensis Boonstra, 1952; Struthiocephalellus parvus Boonstra, 1954; Struthiocephalus kitchingi Brink, 1958

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