Thursday, 28 November 2013

Litargosuchus leptorhynchus

This small and slender sphenosuchian shows adaptation for a cursorial habit. It is known from a single partial skeleton of a possible juvenile.

Litargosuchus leptorhynchus
Clark & Sues, 2002
Meaning of generic name
From Greek litargos, running fast, and Greek soukhos, crocodile
Meaning of specific name
From Greek leptos, thin, delicate, and Greek rhynchos , snout, muzzle
Skull length: , Length:
Holotype (BP/1/5237): skull, mandible and much of the postcranial skeleton, first identified as Pedeticosaurus sp. by Gow & Kitching (1988).
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Upper Elliot Formation (Stormberg Group). Early Jurassic

Locality: farm Eagles Crag, Barkley East, South Africa
Archosauromorpha Crurotarsi Paracrocodylomorpha Sphenosuchia Sphenosuchidae
Further Reading
Clark, J. M., and Sues, H.-D., 2002. Two new basal crocodylomorph archosaurs from the Lower Jurassic and the monophyly of the sphenosuchia: In: Archosaurian anatomy and palaeontology. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, v. 136, p. 77-95.
Pedeticosaurus sp. Gow & Kitching, 1988

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