Thursday, 28 November 2013

Arthurdactylus conandoylei

Named after Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, author of the novel the "Lost World" featuring prehistoric animals, this large pterosaur is known from an almost complete skeleton partially disarticulated lacking the skull, the neck and the sternum from the Early Cretaceous Crato Formation of Brazil. It had an unusually short body, realtively long wing fingers and slender hindlimbs.

Arthurdactylus conandoylei
Frey and Martill, 1994
Meaning of generic name
Arthur's Finger

[When a name ends in "finger" / "dactylus" it usually is short for "wing finger" = "pterodactylus"]
Meaning of specific name
of Conan Doyle
Wingspan: 4.6 m
Nearly complete postcranial skeleton.
Age and Distribution
Crato Formation (Early Cretaceous, Aptian), Ceará, Brazil.
Pterosauria Pterodactyloidea Ornithocheiroidea Ornithocheirididae
Further Reading
Frey, E. & Martill, D. M. 1994, A new Pterosaur from the Crato Formation (Lower Creatceous, Aptian) of Brazil. Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Paläontology, Abhandlungen. 194, 379–412.

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