Thursday, 28 November 2013

What is a salvage blog?

Sometimes you know that a site will close down. Before it happens. And sometimes its author can do nothing about it.

This was my situation with the former MSN Group Antimodernism. I got a notice a few months in advance that it would close down in February 2009. Like all the other MSN Groups. Me No Like. I tried to salvage as much as possible - all compositions onto the first pages of musicalia, all debates salvaged in their turn from yahoo message boards or from netscape message boards onto the blog Assorted retorts from Yahoo Boards and Elsewhere (things have been added to it from youtube comment debates), all in German onto Auf Deutsch auf Antimodernism und später (adding the last because this became my German blog and I added much later), all in Danish and most in Swedish onto På Svenska og på Dansk på Antimodernism (which also continues), all in French onto En français sur Antimodernism (which does not continue, I have more than one other blog for French), all recipes onto Recipes from Home and Abroad (which again does continue), but I lost probably more than half of the threads. The blogs I have from there are of course self salvage blogs.

Of course, to make a salvage blog from Antimodernism without being me (the input from the thirty other group members was negligible and easy identifiable), one would have needed my permission. Some persons got it and did not use it.

And now, with the permission of Nobu Tamura, I am doing a salvage blog from the Palaeocritti site. It is an honour.

But since the material is not my own, the rights remain with the authors of that site, including but not limited to Nobu Tamura. I add only a little comments here and there. As you will by now know, from one of them about making Megapnosaurus a different genus from Coelophysis, I am a Creationist.

And yes, I do have a creationist blog as well - with mainly my own material.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Catherine Labouré

PS, the first category I make searchable here is by location. The material concerning South Africa is salvaged, and so is the very little there was from Zimbabwe. Only one of it was not on South Africa too. Tanzania, Brazil and Arizona are just getting started, and Arizona is clickable from the larger category United States. I am looking for other writers for the blog, to pick some countries as well as some states of US that I have not touched so far.

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