Monday, 25 November 2013

Lemurosaurus pricei

Lemurosaurus is a small primitive therapsid from the Late Permian of South Africa. It was originally described based on a poorly preserved skull and thought to be related to Ictidorhinus. A second better preserved specimen showed that it is a Burnetiamorph.

Lemurosaurus pricei
Broom, 1949
Meaning of generic name
Lemur Lizard
Skull length: 10 cm, Length: ? 0.5 m
Holotype (BP/1/816): poorly preserved skull with lower jaws

Referred Material: NMQR 1702 (skull with lower jaws)
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Middleton and Balfour Formation, Cistecephalus assemblage zone, Beaufort Group. Upper Permian (Wuchianpingian).

Type locality: Graaff-Reinet District, South Africa.
Synapsida Therapsida Biarmosuchia Burnetiamorpha
Further Reading
Broom, R. 1949. New fossil reptile genera from the Bernard Price collections: Annals of the Transvaal Museum, v. 21, part 2, p. 187-194.

Sidor, C. A. & Welman, J. 2003. A second specimen of Lemurosaurus pricei (Therapsida: Burnetiamorpha). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology: Vol. 23(3), pp. 631-642

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