Friday, 29 November 2013

Provelosaurus americanus

Originally described as a South American member of the genus Pareiasaurus, it was reassigned to the genus Provelosaurus by Lee in 1997 as it shows more affinities with the south African dwarf pareiasaurs (Anthodon, Nanoparia, Pumiliopareia) than with Pareiasaurus.

Provelosaurus americanus
(Araújo, 1985)
Length: 1-2 m
Nearly complete skull and postcranial elements of at least four individuals.
Age and Distribution
Upper Permian Rio do Rasto Formation, Paraná Basin, Rio Grande do Sula, Brazil.
Anapsida Hallucicrania Pareiasauria
Further Reading
Araujo, D. C. F., 1985, Sobre Pareiasaurus americanus sp. nov., do Permiano Superior do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. I-Diagnose Especifica: Annais Academia Brasil, Ciences, v. 57, n. 1, p. 63-66.
Pareiasaurus americanus Araújo, 1985

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