Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tapinocaninus pamelae

This large plant-eating therapsid is one of the earliest tapinocephalian known from South Africa.

Tapinocaninus pamelae
Rubidge, 1991
Meaning of generic name
Humble canine
Skull length: 50 cm , Length: 3 m
Holotype (NMQR 2987): Skull and mandible.

Paratypes: NMQR 2985 (skull and mandible); NMQR 2986 (skull and mandible), ROZ K95 (skull and mandible).
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Eodicynodon zone, at the base of the Beaufort Group (Ufimian-Kazanian age), Middle permian (Wordian).

Type locality: Modderdrift farm, prince Albert, South Africa.
Synapsida Therapsida Dinocephalia Tapinocephalia Tapinocephalidae
Further Reading
Rubidge, B. S., 1991, A new Primitive Dinocephalian Mammal-Like Reptile from the Permian of Southern Africa: Palaeontology v. 34, part 3, p. 547-559.

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