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Anteosaurus magnificus

The large Anteosaurus, an anteosaur from the Middle Permian of South Africa was the apex predator of its time probably praying on the big herbivores, the Tapinocephalids.

Anteosaurus magnificus
Watson, 1921
Meaning of generic name
Early Lizard
Skull length: 80 cm , Length: 5 m
Holotype: Skull

Referred specimens: known from skulls and poscranial elements of more than 30 individuals.
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Tapinocephalus Assemblage Zone , Middle Permian (Capitanian).

Type locality: Beaufort West, Karoo deposits of South Africa.
Synapsida Therapsida Dinocephalia Anteosauria Anteosauridae
Further Reading
Watson, D. M. S., 1921, The Bases of Classification of the Theriodontia: Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1921, p. 35-98.

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Titanosuchus ferox Broom, 1910 non Owen, 1876; Pseudanteosaurus minor (Broom, 1929); Anteosaurus minor Broom, 1929; Anteosaurus lotzi (Broili & Schroeder, 1935); Titanognathus lotzi Broili & Schroeder, 1935; Anteosaurus minusculus Boonstra, 1936; Anteosaurus minor Boonstra, 1936; Anteosaurus vorsteri (Broom, 1936); Dinosuchus vorsteri Broom, 1936; Broomosuchus vorsteri (Broom, 1936) Camp, Taylor & Welles, 1942; Anteosaurus abeli Boonstra, 1952; Anteosaurus major Boonstra, 1954; Micranteosaurus parvus Boonstra, 1954; Anteosaurus acutirostris Boonstra, 1954; Anteosaurus crassifrons Boonstra, 1954; Anteosaurus laticeps Boonstra, 1954; Anteosaurus cruentus Boonstra, 1954; Anteosaurus levops Boonstra, 1954; Eccasaurus priscus Broom, 1909; ? Paranteosaurus primus Boonstra, 1954
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Anteosaurus magnificus:
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