Saturday, 23 November 2013

Patranomodon nyaphulii

This is the earliest known anomodont, an important group of therapsids that lead to the dominant large herbivores of the end of the Permian and the Early Triassic.

Patranomodon nyaphulii
Rubidge & Hopson, 1990
Meaning of generic name
[Father of anomodonts]
Skull length: 5 cm ,Length: 30 cm
Holotype (NMQR 3000): Skull with lower jaw and postcranial elements
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Eodicynodon Assemblage zone, base of the Beaufort Group, Middle Permian (Wordian)

Type locality: Combrinkskraal farm, Prince Albert district, South Africa.
Synapsida Therapsida Anomonodontia
Further Reading
B. S. Rubidge and J. A. Hopson. 1990. A new anomodont therapsid from South Africa and its bearing on the ancestry of Dicynodontia. South African Journal of Science 86:43-45.

B. S. Rubidge and J. A. Hopson. 1996. A primitive anomodont therapsid from the base of the Beaufort Group (Upper Permian) of South Africa. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 117:115–139.

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