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With up to three species (S. parvus, S. robustus and S. kitchingi), this small gorgonopsid is probably the juvenile of a larger genus, most probably Arctops. The genus Arctops will then be a junior synonym of Scylacognathus.

Scylacognathus parvus
Broom, 1913
Holotype (AMG 3751):

Referred specimens: BPI 399, TMP 245, TMP 246, BMNH 4099, BPI 263
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Cistecephalus Assemblage Zone, Beaufort Group, Upper Permian (Wuchiapingian).

Locality: South Africa.
Synapsida Therapsida Gorgonopsia Gorgonopsidae
Further Reading
Broom, R., 1913, On the gorgonopsia, a suborder of the mammal-like reptiles: Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1913, p. 225-230.

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Arctops willistoni Watson, 1914, Cynarioides grimbeeki Broom, 1935, Cynarioides laticeps Broom, 1935, Arctops watsoni Brink and Kitching, 1953, Arctops cf. watsoni (Brink & Kitching,1953) Sigogneau, 1970, Scylacognathus grimbeeki (Broom, 1935) Sigogneau, 1970

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