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Procynosuchus delaharpeae

Procynosuchus was a common primitive cynodont that lived during the late Permian Period, around 255 million years ago. Remains of Procynosuchus have been discovered in Germany, Zambia and South Africa. Perhaps the most unusual characteristic of Procynosuchus was that it may have lived a semi-aquatic lifestyle like modern otters, most other cynodonts were terrestrial (lived on land). It was around 60 cm in length, and probably fed on a diet of fish.

Procynosuchus delaharpeae
Broom, 1937
Meaning of generic name
Before dog crocodile.
Skull length: 17 cm, Length: 60 cm
Holotype (RC 5): skull

Referred specimens: UMZC T.819 (partial skull, holotype of Parathrinaxodon proops); BP/1/226 (Aelurodracro microps); BP/1/591; RC 12 (holotype of Procynosuchus rubidgei); RC 72 (Galeophrys kitchingi); RC 92,(Leavachia duvenhagei); BP/1/650 (Protocynodon pricei); TSK 34 (complete skeleton).
Age and Distribution
Horizon: Dicynodon assemblage zone, Beaufort beds (S. Africa, Zambia), Upper Kawinga Formation (Tanzania), Upper Permian (Wuchiapingian)

Type locality: Karoo Basin, South Africa; Ruhuhu valley, Tanzania; Middle Luangwa Valley, Zambia.
Synapsida Therapsida Cynodontia Procynosuchidae
Further Reading
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Procynosuchus delaharpeae:

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