Friday, 22 November 2013

I Hope This Blog will Get More Writers - it is a Salvage Blog

I got this letter from one writer on Palaeocritti site - at present still available at It came after a correspondence between us. His name is Nobu Tamura.

Nobu Tamura to Hans-Georg Lundahl
Thursday 21/11/13 à 22h16
Re: Jonkeria
I bought the rights for 5 years and it will expire soon I think. Costed a bit over $100... for a few tens of views per day.

Yes, you might reproduce the contents in your blog if you mention the source. For the illustrations, you will need to ask permission again to each of the individual artists (they are usually happy to grant it).


Now I have mentioned the source and created a new blog dedicated to this source. As said, it is a salvage blog, a back up for important information that would otherwise be lost.

I propose to invite other writers. The goal is to reproduce the content of palaeocritti. Each one takes one a set of species per country, I start with South Africa. Each one also makes a blog post per country - linking to the species - and a blog post for each species to which the country blog post links. After that there will be blog posts for the groups, and all other categories for search given at palaeocritti./HGL

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